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Victoria Vogue Nat Cellulose Cleansing Sponge rounds
Price: $2.25

2 ct Nat Cellulose Cleansing Sponges

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Colora 120s Thermal Translucents
Price: $2.60 - $11.71

For balayage, highlighting, frosting, tinting and multi-level hair coloring. Cut preparation time in half. Each box contains 120 strips.

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Colora Henna Shampoo
Price: $10.00

Colora Henna Shampoo will not change your hair color.

Size: 16 ounce bottle.

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Egyptian Glow ® Compact Bronzer
Price: $18.00

9 gr pressed powder bronzer

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Victoria Vogue Water Activated pink Cleansing Sponge
Price: $1.90

Water Activated Cleaning Sponge

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Colora Henna Intensifier
Price: $10.00

Intensifies Henna and other hair coloring.

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